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Stretch Therapy
Hands-On Stretch Therapy That Brings Rapid Results In Phoenix 

What is Stretch Therapy?

Stretch Therapy is a therapeutic intervention aimed at remodeling soft tissues including muscles, tendon, fascia, and nerves. Without properly stretching these tissues, they often become tight and restrictive leading to postural problems, movement dysfunction and muscle imbalances. These problems typically cause unnecessary pain or increase risks of injury.

The Movement & Mobility Expert offers the most unique and comprehensive stretch therapy program in the Greater Phoenix area. All stretch therapy services include a full head-to-toe assessment to identify asymmetries and restrictive movement patterns.  A unique physical therapy treatment approach is then utilized that incorporates our manual therapy techniques. 


The full 60-minute treatment session will provide hands on stretch therapy and myofascial release to relieve tension and restore normal, healthy movement patterns.


Benefits of Stretch Therapy & Myofascial Release

  • Improve Movement and Flexibility

  • Decrease Restrictions of Connective Tissues

  • Increased Blood Circulation to Tissues

  • Promote Better Posture

  • Decrease Risk of Injury

  • Ease Sore Muscles

  • Decrease NeuroTension

  • Feel Relaxed and Lighter



All treatments are provided by Dr. Jordon Cavanagh, DPT. He offer stretch therapy services via his mobile concierge practice to treat you at home, or if you would prefer, sessions can be scheduled at one of his nearby clinical partnered locations in Arizona. To learn more about partnered clinical locations, see his service locations throughout greater Phoenix. 

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