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Sports Injuries in Greater Phoenix
Get Back In The Game With Personalized One-On-One Physical Therapy Treatments

If you have recently suffered a sports related injury, receiving proper treatment and quickly getting back into your sport is your number one priority. The Movement & Mobility Expert understands this and has the expertise needed to treat your injury, get rid of pain, and get you back into the game.


I provide a unique approach to physical therapy treatment for all types of sports related injuries including:

  • Ankle sprains

  • Knee pain

  • Knee injuries and surgeries

    • (ACL, MCL, LCL & PCL)

    • Meniscal tear & repair

  • Contusions

  • Hip Labral Injuries

  • Back Pain & Injuries

  • Shoulder Injuries

    • SLAP lesions

    • Rotator cuff injuries

    • Shoulder instability

  • Elbow Pain

    • Golfers Elbow

    • Tennis Elbow 

Have You Been Told To Just Rest, Ice Or Take Pain

Medication For Your Injury?

If you have been told that all you need is rest, ice or pain medication and your pain will go away, please note that this is not always the best option. Frequently, ice and pain medications can be simple "bandaids" on you injury which do nothing to help you heal. Rest can often lead to muscle imbalances and weakness making you prone to reinjury. 

The help of a professional is the best thing you can do for yourself to help heal your pain and get back to your active life. 

If you would like to learn more about how Dr. Cavanagh can help you recover from your injury quickly, please click the link below and complete the short form to schedule your free phone consultation if you live in the greater Phoenix area. Your FREE phone consultation has no obliation to schedule and is completely complimentary. I hope to help you make an informed decission on the best treatment for your injury so that you can quickly get back to the sports that you enjoy. 

You don't have to continue to live with your injury. Rest or pain medications do not address the underlying problems causing your pain.


You might be asking "how do I quickly get rid of my pain so I can get back to my sport or activity?"


The best and quickest solution is to seek the help of a professional who has experience in treating your pain.


At The Movement & Mobility Expert, I believe in providing a world class physical therapy experience. I have helped many people like you with my unique physical therapy treatment approach. I am highly dedicated to my patients and helping them return to their active life. I am confident that I will be able to help you too. In fact, I am so confident that I can quickly help you that I offer a money back guarantee.

As The Movement & Mobility Expert, I am confident I will help you live with less pain, recover from injury faster and get back to the active life you desire quickly. All of my physical therapy services are covered by my "Try It Money Back Guarantee." If you are not 100% HAPPY with your treatment, up to the first two sessions, you do not pay a cent. It's that simple! No Hassle, No Risk...


You Might Now Be Asking...

"How Can Dr. Cavanagh Help Me Quickly Get Rid Of 

My Pain And Recover From My Injury?"

  • With a full hour of one-on-one treatment for every single session, Dr. Cavanagh will be able to provide a comprehensive assessment and treatments to help you treat the root cause of your problem. No more just masking your pain symptoms with rest or medication. 

  • With treatment sessions focused exclusively on you and your injury, a personalized treatment approach will be continually progressed to get you back to the active life you want.


Proud Member of Scottsdale and Cave Creek/Carefree Chambers of Commerce!

Carefree Cave Creek Chamber of Commerce

Are you wanting to get the absolute BEST physical therapy treatment in Arizona?

These are the 5 questions that you must ask any therapist prior to treatment.


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