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Patient-Centered Care: The Value of Time

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

Welcome to my page as The Movement & Mobility Expert. Patient-centered care is my focus as I strive to provide you with the physical therapy and fitness services that you deserve with the quality treatment time to achieve results.

I have spent the past 6+ years working in a wide variety of practices treating patients from all walks of life. Over this period, I have learned how valuable quality treatment time is in obtaining effective results. During these experiences I found that spending 15-20 minutes with each patient then rushing off to the next or bouncing between 2-3 patients at one given time was not the way I wanted to practice as a physical therapist.

As a patient you deserve to have a clinician who has the time and ability to focus on YOU, and only you during your scheduled visit. You deserve a clinician who has the time to listen to you; your history, your symptoms, and your goals. You deserve to have a clinician who then can provide the necessary treatment time to complete the valuable interventions which brought you to seek treatment in the first place. You also deserve a clinician who has the time to discuss and educate you in treatments, management and the plan of care for the future.

This is the quality of care I seek to provide as The Movement and Mobility Expert. One-on-one treatment focusing on you. Weather you have pain you want to rid, balance you want to improve, a sport you want to be better at, an injury you want to prevent, or anything that relates to the movements and mobility that make life happen; I am confident I can help you achieve your goals.

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