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Physical Therapy Services Bringing You The Most Value In Greater Phoenix

Dr. Jordon Cavanagh, DPT provides physical therapy services both in-home and at convenient clinical offices within Phoenix and Cave Creek/ Carefree. These options are to best serve you and provide you with appropriate treatment options for your condition. 


All physical therapy treatments are provided one-on-one with Dr. Jordon Cavanagh, DPT and are scheduled for 60-90 minute sessions. The rates for services vary based on location and the types of treatments required. 


Please call (602) 962-7930 to inquire about pricing and service locations or Schedule a Free Phone Consultation Here.


Please note, Dr. Jordon Cavanagh, DPT is a fee-for-service provider that is not in-network with any insurance companies.

Based on continued changes to many health insurance plans which have resulted in higher deductibles and co-payments for you, it is often cheaper for you to not use your insurance for certain medical services. My patients typically find that they receive higher quality treatment that are more personalized to their individual needs and also save money by choosing direct-care physical therapy treatment over the traditional insurance based providers.

Did You Know??? My direct care services are often MORE AFFORDABLE than services at other clinics that accept your insurance! 

How? Learn More Below...

All physical therapy services are provided on direct patient-clinician basis. Upon request, receipts can be provided that include the necessary codes to send self-claims to your insurance company for reimbursement. Reimbursement however, varies between insurance companies and individual policies so please discuss this with your insurance company prior to treatment. 

What Is The Benefit To You Of This Service Model?


If you are seeking physical therapy services, and you have insurance, you might be questioning why I would suggest paying on a cash basis is better and more valuable to you. If you have ever received physical therapy from a traditional insurance-based clinic you might be able to relate to the situation below. 

The "Value of Service" you receive can be viewed on the basis of 3 factors: Quality of Services, Cost of Services & Time of Services.

Quality Of Services You Will Receive:

This is the easier factor to explain. Most clinics which operate via the traditional insurance-based model carry high patient case-loads. These large patient case-loads mean that services are provided to several patients at any given time. Typically anywhere from 2-4 patients are seen in any given hour, allowing each patient to spend only a limited 15-20 minutes (or less) one-on-one with their physical therapist. The remainder of their hour-long session will likely be carried out with an aide who has no formal education or certification and likely received only the minimal necessary training provided by the facility. 

With the cash-based model at The Movement and Mobility Expert, you will spend the entirety of your physical therapy session with personalized one-on-one treatment by Dr. Cavanagh. This allows for a much greater level of feedback and continual modification of treatment programs as needed. Every minute of your treatment sessions will be provided by myself, a licensed physical therapist. This personalized approach allows you to experience more rapid improvements because the treatment techniques and exercises are always the most appropriate to maximize improvements.

Cost Of Services You Will Receive:

Evaluating the benefit of the "cost of service" seems a little less intuitive and can be a bit more complex when comparing the different service models. None-the-less, the benefits can be very real. To much extent, the financial benefit of any patient/client depends on your particular insurance plan. If you have a deductible, and your deductible has not yet been met, then you will be paying for services "out-of-pocket" on a cash basis either way, until this deductible is met. 

On the other hand, if you are seeking services and will not have a deductible, you may still be responsible for a co-payment which often can range from $20-50 per visit. Due to the lesser quality of services provided at a traditional insurance-based clinic, you would likely be encouraged to attend 2-3 appointments per week which may be scheduled for 6-8+ weeks. By the time the course of treatment is completed, co-payment expenses at this rate can sum to a minimum of $240 and range upwards of $1200+ depending on the particular co-payment and course of treatment. 

With the cash-based model at The Movement and Mobility Expert, services are paid at the time they are scheduled for a fixed rate. Although each individual session is at a higher cost, patients generally experience significant improvements with only a fraction of the number of treatment sessions required. This is because the services received are more personalized with one-on-one treatment, more appropriate and overall a higher quality of service. To learn more about my unique approach click here. With the higher quality of service, generally only one treatment session is required per week. Thus, when the course of treatment is complete, you will likely find that you have received far superior services at a comparable or less financial cost. 


Amount Of Time Services Will Require From You:

The final factor to consider is the time value of services. Typically traditional insurance-based clinics recommend 2-3 treatment sessions per week for 6-8+ weeks, with each session lasting upwards of an hour. When the course of treatment is completed, patients often find they have spend 12-24+ hours of their busy days in the physical therapy clinic without receiving a personalized level of care. 

With the cash-based model at The Movement and Mobility Expert, your time is seen as a valuable asset. With the high quality of service provided, typical treatments are generally scheduled only once every 1-2 weeks (this will be determined at time of evaluation). With the higher quality of treatments, the quantity of sessions required are reduced thus freeing up much of your valuable time and helping you achieve your goals sooner. 

*** Of Note: If you are a Medicare beneficiary, Medicare limits the ability of physical therapy providers to accept cash payments for certain services. To learn more about Medicare regulations and which services can be provided on a cash-pay basis please give me a call. 

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