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Total Shoulder Replacement
The Most Innovative Physical Therapy Rehabilitation Program In Greater Phoenix  

What Is A Total Shoulder Replacement?

The total shoulder replacement (TSR) also know as a total shoulder arthroplasty (TSA) is usually a last resort treatment for end stage osteoarthritis of the shoulder. The total shoulder replacement involves sugically removing and replacing the working surfaces of the shoulder joint with artificial prosthetic components. 

How Long Does It Take To Recover From A Total Shoulder Replacement?

Although everyone is different, most patient require about 8-12 weeks to regain most function following a total shoulder replacement. It may take up to 6+ months to fully recover and achieve all functional goals. Individual recovery is largely dependent on compliance with pre-surgical and post-surgical physical therapy. 

Physical Therapy Following A Total Shoulder Replacement

Physical therapy following a total shoulder replacement is initially aimed at managing pain, decreasing swelling, preventing buildup of scar tissue and maintaining range of motion. A gradual strengthening program will be implemented as tolerated to promote strength of the muscles surrounding your shoulder. Finally an emphasis will be placed on returning to full function and achieving your specific goals. 

The Movement & Mobility Expert Approach

Experienced in pre-surgical and post-surgical rehabilitation, The Movement and Mobility Expert has the resources to make your total shoulder replacement as easy of a recovery as possible. My unique physical therapy treatment approach will provide you with one-on-one treatment and the tools you need to quickly recover. My rehabilitation equipment rental program will allow you to maximize your recovery at home between physical therapy visits and allow you to fully benefit from the unique program. This generally allows you to attend only 1 weekly visit, as opposed to the 2-3 weekly visits most other clinics require. With several options for treatment location throughout greater Phoenix, you will find my services convenient wherever you are.

If You Live In The Greater Phoenix Area,

Schedule Your Free Phone Consultation Below To Further Discuss My Physical Therapy Treatment Programs. 

I offer the only physical therapy program in Phoenix that provides you the choice of 100% in-home treatment or the option to seamlessly transition from home therapy to clinical based therapy with the same therapist. Continuity of care is important to you and important to myself as well. No more switching therapists or working with different clinicians. Your comprehensive treatment program starts here.


Other Orthopedic Shoulder Surgeries Treated

  • Partial Shoulder Replacement

  • Reverse Total Shoulder Replacement

  • Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgeries

  • Rotator Cuff Repair

Saving Your Valuable Time And Providing Convenient But Exceptional Services:

Compare Total Shoulder Replacement Programs Below

Week 1- Week 2


1-2 physical therpy home visits per week with Dr. Cavanagh. Delivery of your home exercise equipment for your use on your time. 

2-3 physical therapy home health or outpatient visits per week. 


Our Approach                The Other Approach


Week 3 - 

Week 6


Decrease to 1 physical therapy home visit per week or 1 visit every other week with Dr. Cavanagh. Continue home exercises with our unique equipment rental program. 

Transition to outpatient physical therapy. Drive to outpatient physical therapy 2-3 times per week to see yet another therapist. 


Our Approach                The Other Approach


Week 7 - Week 12


Maintain 1 visit per week or 1 visit every other week as needed with Dr. Cavanagh. Continue with home exercise equipment until no longer needed. Discharge when you are ready. 

Continue to drive to outpatient physical therapy clinic 2-3 times per week until you are ready for discharge. 


Our Approach                 The Other Approach


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*Treatment timelines are estimates but more or less treatments may be required based on each patients unique situation and individual progress throughout the course of treatment. A unique plan of care will be developed with each patient.  

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