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Plans, Pricing & Insurance
Physical Therapy Services Bringing You The Most Value In Greater Phoenix

Our concierge services structure allows us to provide the truly exceptional level of care that you deserve, without the restrictions or limitations of care that often results with insurance companies. Due to ongoing changes in the health industry, most practices require double or even triple booking. But we never will! During your sessions here, your therapist's attention is 100% on you and getting you better. This is what we call the Patient First Approach


If you do not find a plan below that fits your needs, please give Dr. Jordon Cavanagh, DPT a call. Many patients find that a custom treatment plan better fits their scheduling/ treatment needs.


***LIMITED OFFER on your "Tune-up Plan." Make sure you keep moving better than ever throughout 2023 and develop a healthy aging plan for your physical well-being. 

Choose Your Treatment Package!

Custom Plans Available

  • Tune-Up Plan

    ***LIMITED OFFER*** Book now to Secure Yours
    Valid for 6 months
    • Full head-to-toe mobility assessment
    • Full head-to-toe "tune-up" treatment based on assessment
    • Learn your injury risks
    • Develop an "aging plan" for your physical wellbeing
    • 2 x 1-Hr sessions. Tune-up now and Tune-up in 6 Months


Make sure you know what to look for to get the absolute
BEST physical therapy treatment in Arizona?

These are "The 5 Essential Questions" that you must ask any therapist prior to treatment.

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