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You only have ONE body... Ensuring it stays in top working condition is the greatest secret to a long and healthy life. The Movement & Mobility Expert is a mobile concierge physical therapy practice. We strive to provide the best-in-class physical therapy services. Our goal is to help you and your loved ones live your absolute best life! We help patients of all ages and all abilities feel better, move better and live a higher quality of life. We are not your "typical" physical therapy practice. 


As a licensed physical therapist I will help!

Are you wanting to get the absolute BEST physical therapy treatment in Arizona?

These are "The 5 Essential Questions" that you must ask any therapist prior to treatment.


"The Movement & Mobility Expert is by far the best physical therapy experience I’ve ever had. To start, Jordon is extremely kind, patient, and knowledgeable. He always made me feel comfortable and didn’t try to sell me on a recovery plan that was going to require a ton of session to solve my pain. What sparked my interest was the fact that Jordon comes to you. I’m a working professional and its been difficult in the past to make appointments with my schedule. Jordon offered to come to me which made scheduling so much easier and convenient. I also enjoyed the fact that he spent an hour working with me one on one. Other PT offices I’ve been to would have me come for maybe 30 min, give me some exercises, and leave me to it as they went around the room helping 5 other patients. My goal was to get back to lifting weights. When it came to that time, Jordon even offered to come to the gym with me to ensure my form and technique was perfect. Jordon went above and beyond to help me become pain free and always followed up after our sessions to see how I was doing."

Brandon C.

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"If you need a physical therapist do not hesitate to contact Jordon!

Jordon is the best physical therapist I have ever worked with! The convenience of having him work on you in the comfort of your own home is definitely an added plus and is much appreciated. He has gone above and beyond in getting to know the root of my problems and working hard to fix them. He has checked in with me several times throughout our time together and genuinely cares about your progress, which is something I can't say about all physical therapists I have worked with. Jordon is not like other physical therapists that try to get you to book endless amounts of sessions to keep you coming back. Instead, he works to find the root of the problem, develops a plan to fix it, and then teaches you how to maintain a healthy body so you can move forward in life with confidence knowing you are capable of treating yourself. He made me feel very comfortable with the entire process and I could not recommend him enough."

Taylor P.

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"I can't thank Jordon enough for his work and knowledge in helping me treat my plantar fascia pain. I often had difficulty standing or walking due to the severe pain in my foot but within a few sessions Jordon has shared an incredible amount of knowledge with me and shown me ways to manage my symptoms. I now rarely have pain but know exactly what exercises to do to treat the problem. I will definitely be back if I ever need physical therapy again."

Wendy C.

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As The Movement and Mobility Expert, we help people get out of pain, maintain strength, restore balance and live the active, healthy, and independent life that they desire. If you have been suffering from pain or injury...struggling with balance and mobility... are losing physical strength... if you have a recent or upcoming surgery... or have recently been hospitalized, then you have come to the right place. You might be wondering what is different about our physical therapy services in greater Phoenix. We believe in providing you with new perspective on what physical therapy should be.


We offer premier concierge physical therapy and physical wellness services in the greater regions of Phoenix, Arizona. Our services are provided in-home and at nearby clinical offices.  Treatments address the many needs of clients to help them live with reduced pain and function at the highest level possible. We believe in a whole body & holistic approach that will place YOU in center focus to heal, restore, and advance your physical well-being so you can live life at its fullest.


If you have been living in pain, are recovering from surgery or if you have been having difficulty participating in activities that are important to you, We are confident that our in-home physical therapy services will help. Whether your troubles are new, or if they have been ongoing for years, our unique treatment approach will help you return to your favorite activities quickly. Even if you have tried physical therapy before, your treatment experience with Dr. Jordon Cavanagh DPT, will be unlike treatments that you have received before. 

Your unique treatment approach will include:

  • Exclusive 24/7 access to therapy resources as a concierge member.


  • Full 60-90 minute treatment sessions are provided in an unhurried environment.

  • All services are performed in one-on-one treatment sessions by Dr. Jordon Cavanagh, DPT (you will never be treated by a technician, aide or assistant).    * Please call to inquire about schedule availability for Dr. Jordon Cavanagh, DPT as a new patient. 

  • Effective hands-on manual therapy techniques and feedback provide quick treatment results. Benefit from hands-on stretching and exercise training.

  • Treatment sessions are offered for your convenience. Choose mobile in-home treatment (at your home, work, etc.) or clinical based treatments at one of my nearby partnered clinical locations.

  • "You-Driven Therapy" in which your goals and desire to live a pain free and active life directs all treatments provided. Your treatments will never be dictated or influenced by an insurance company. 

Concierge Physical Therapy Services 

The Movement & Mobility Expert offers concierge physical therapy services for those who embrace the idea that you are personally responsible for our own health and physical wellness. Unlike the many people who cling to the idea that their employers and insurers should foot the bill for subsidized healthcare and subpar services, our clients understand the immense value of personalized care and place their health above all else. They enjoy an active and fulfilling life. Our patients understand the value of investing in their own physical health and wellness and greatly benefit from the superior service of the cash-based, direct-care model where we work for you! Not your healthplan or insurance provider. 

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